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What Does it Take to be SteakTacular?

cookingWhen it comes to Philly Cheesesteaks, steak sandwiches, and chicken cheesesteaks, nothing tops the fast cooking and fantastic tasting SteakTacular thin shaved steak. The SteakTacular name is synonymous with quality. We take great pride in offering our customers only the best sandwich steaks available. We offer a variety of products designed to suit the needs of your restaurant or institution.

By working with local ranchers we are able to acquire high quality domestic beef and poultry for our products. Let us help you build a New Menu Item, perfect the Philadelphia Cheese Steak or top a fresh garden salad with Marinated Ribeye Steak. With SteakTacular anything is possible!

Speed up your kitchen, bring down your food cost and improve customer retention by making the switch to SteakTacular Sandwich Steaks. If you’re looking for a great price on a superior sandwich steak, it’s SteakTacular every time!

Produced by M. Robzen, Inc.

M. Robzen Inc
SteakTacular products are manufactured by M. Robzen, Inc. in Hazle Township, Pennsylvania. With three generations of expertise in the meat industry, M. Robzen, Inc. offers customers the highest quality products at affordable prices.
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The SteakTacular Difference

With SteakTacular you're not stuck simply choosing a chicken or beef product. We work with our customers to develop sandwich steak products to meet a variety of needs. Choose from one of our catalog items or work with us to formulate your own special blend. We invite you to discover what makes our product SteakTacular!
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